Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mini Milestones

January 7, 2008

Audrey Jane Wampler was born at 3:27 pm. 7 lbs, 19inches.

February 3, 2008


April 2008

begins a regime of daily steroids to help decrease the size of her hemangioma (birthmark)

May 2008

Look, Mom! I can sit all by myself!

June 21, 2008

Moved into our current home. First move ever for Jane! (seventeenth-ish for Mom)

July 15, 2008

Jane popped her first two teeth. She now has 13, with three more poking out, ready to pop anytime.

August 2008

First camping trip: Moon Lake, Petty Reunion. Also first debut in a swimming suit.

October 2008

First professional pictures taken...and only, actually. Maybe someday I'll fork out the money again.

Never will Jane be able to say that she hasn't broken any bones...

If you missed the story, she fell off our bed and snapped her left tibia in half. She had this cast for three weeks, then a shorter green one for another three weeks.

December 2008

The cast came off! The sad part of that was that her leg was rather severely burned while they were cutting the cast...the friction caused everything to heat up too much and her skin was very close to the cast--it started blistering before they were even done. She still has a scar from the burn.

We also finally stopped giving her steroids. That was a happy day.

January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jane!

...and happy birthday, Dalton on the 27th! Yay, Jane became a cousin!

February 2009

Jane learned how to walk! Yay! (boo for lack of pictures)

April 11, 2009

first haircut

Ok, this may not have been her first haircut ever, but it was the first one that ever really made any visible difference.

June 2009

Yellowstone & Tetons!

July 7, 2009

Jane is 18 months old! Happy half-birthday! And HOORAY for joining nursery!


Jess said...

that was a cute post.. i love my little jane!

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

I was totally expecting some big milestone type thing at the end like a broken bone or something... I didn't know that she had already done that. Hurray for nursery!!!! I'm sure you are so super excited.

Jared and Delia said...

What a journey. That was fun.