Friday, July 24, 2009

Counting My Blessings

While we haven't experienced any major tragedies in our family of late, this was something of a trying week. As I was thinking back over everything that happened, though, I realized that things could have very easily taken a turn for the worse--and they didn't. Tonight I am counting our blessings.

- - - - -

My car died on Wednesday. I got in the car to leave, and it just wouldn't start. Turned the key: nothing. This happened even after getting it jumped twice and driving around town to make sure that the battery had time to recharge. Still wouldn't start once it had been turned off.

We considered several possible causes and cost to repair: battery $40-60, ignition relay $20-30, alternator $120-140, starter $100-150. Not to mention several hours of work.

Actual cause: bad battery terminal.
Cost to repair: $5 and ten minutes.

- - - - -

I have been really sick this week, with some major pain in my back that was progressively getting worse. When I finally went to the doctor on Thursday, he determined that it was probably a kidney infection and started me on a series of antibiotics. Later that afternoon, I was in enough pain that I couldn't hardly move. Chris came home from work and took me to the hospital to have an ultrasound to check for kidney stones. We also stopped at the pharmacy to pick up some more powerful painkillers.

Lots of blessings here:

Chris was able to come home from work to take care of me.

Jane went to day care for the day, and then my mom came last night and took care of Jane while I was sick.

The pain killers worked. I was able to sit up, talk, move...and sleep through the night. Ah, sleep.

I don't have any kidney stones.

There is most likely still an infection in my kidneys, but I've improved enough today that I won't need to be admitted to the hospital for an IV treatment.

- - - - -

I am very glad today that I have a husband who loves me, a mom who will help me, and a cute daughter who adores me. Life is good.


Erin said...

I am very impressed that you can see the blessings in your trials like that. It always takes me a while to calm down and be able to see those things! Hope you're feeling better soon! go away kidney infection!

Tannie Datwyler said...

That's a wonderful way to deal with stress! I like how you looked for the good while admitting the bad.

Jared and Delia said...

You do have a lot to be thankful for. You have such a wonderful family. I am so glad you were able to avert major disaster. You have such a great attitude about it all.

Ben and Michelle said...

Im glad to hear that things are going well for you guys! That picture of jane is sooo cute!

JeriLynn said...

I was almost going to suggest that you might have an ectopic pregnancy. But then I realized you're already very pregnant. Glad it's not that! ;)