Monday, July 27, 2015

Our Strep Saga

It started with Simon, a week ago. He was acting a little off, kind of whiny and clingy. I didn't think too much of it, just figured he was teething or something. I gave him a bit of tylenol and put him to bed on Sunday night. By Monday morning, he had a fever up to 102.9 and wouldn't eat. I took him in to the pediatrician, who said that he had quite the swollen and sore throat. Poor little guy.

They did a quick test for strep, but it was negative. The doctor was expecting that, since it's extremely rare for someone under the age of 2 to get strep. So, we went home with instructions to wait it out and call back if he didn't get better in a few days.

I got a call back on Wednesday saying never mind, he really does have strep. Lovely. He responded well to the antibiotics, though, and was feeling quite a bit better by the next day.

Fast Forward to yesterday. Chris was already gone to church for early meeting. I had all four kids ready for church, just about to walk out the door, when Ben started throwing up. So...Chris came home to pick up the girls for church and I took the boys to Urgent Care instead. Verdict: Ben has strep, too.

Everyone else came home and ate lunch...and then Megan totally crashed. Sigh. I made her an appointment with After Hours Pediatrics since the urgent care office was already closed. Verdict: Megan has strep, too.

Let's hope everyone does as well with the medicine as Simon has, and let's hope that no one else gets sick. Especially since we're headed to Utah to go camping in two days.

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