Saturday, May 3, 2014

Boys vs. Girls

Ever since we first found out that our third baby was a boy, Chris has looked forward to the annual Father-Son campouts the church holds. This was the first year that it seemed like Ben just might be old enough to have fun, too.

From what I've gathered, they had quite a good time. Ben reveled in playing with the dirt and rocks and sticks and rocks and sticks and dirt, as he keeps telling me, and I know he loved hanging out just him and Dad.

He's still talking about it non-stop. I look forward to this little tradition for years to come.

While they were gone, it seemed only fitting to have a girls' night celebration, too. I've been seriously missing me some Village Inn goodness--seriously, you have no idea how much I want to go there. Sadly, it doesn't exist in Georgia (COME ON, PEOPLE). We went to Ihop instead.

Followed closely by  a viewing of Princess Diaries 2, a movie that they boys most definitely did not mind missing and that we girls most definitely thoroughly enjoyed.

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