Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Monumental Saturday

With Scout Camp swiftly approaching, Chris has spent the majority of all Saturday mornings for the past several weeks out fundraising with the scouts to raise money to get them all to camp. Today, fingers crossed, was the last morning he'll be gone for a while since camp is next week.

It was really, really hot today and Chris knew I was less than thrilled with having had the kids alone again, so when they were done fundraising (I think it was yard work and washing windows?), he took the kids to a friend's pool to play. I went with them but opted to stay on the sides and talk on the phone. Fun for them, quite relaxing for me.

A current family favorite is frozen pizza and a movie. Tonight, I took the plunge and introduced my girls to an all-time classic.

I say "took the plunge" because of all movies I've ever seen, The Princess Bride is one that I wish I could go back and watch for the first time again. What is that movie like when you genuinely don't know what's going to happen? I have hesitated showing it to Jane for a long time because I wanted her to be able to remember her first time watching it. I don't know if this was too soon for that or not, but I decided it was time. Mostly because I wanted to watch it... I am pleased to report that both Jane and Megan were appropriately engaged throughout the film.

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Katie said...

We just introduced the Princess Bride to our kids too with satifactory results. Then Martell talked Sally into rolling down the hill at Grandma and Grandpa's house yelling "As you wish!". It was phenomenal.