Saturday, May 10, 2014

And the race is on...

While I was gone on the most FABULOUS retreat of all time (post to come), Chris and the kids were able to participate in our ward's 5K this morning. From what I hear, they had all kinds of fun.

Jane took off with the main group as soon as the race began and apparently spent most of her time running with a few strangers who happened to be at the park at the same time...maybe not how it would have gone down if Mom was around, but no harm done.

Megan (purple shirt) ran a good portion of the race herself, pictured here (as documented by the other little girl's dad). You can see Chris ahead of her in the blue shirt on the right, pushing Ben in the stroller.

While hanging out after the race finished, Jane and her friend found two tiny frogs.

Unfortunately, one of the frogs was mistaken for a bug and unceremoniously stomped on. Too bad.

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