Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Atlanta Ice Storm, or We're Not From Around Here

Chris and Jane were both home from school yesterday because of the impending storm. Impending means it hadn't happened yet. It was odd to have them both around all day when all it did was rain.

Weird started on Monday when they preemptively cancelled school for Jane for Tuesday and Wednesday, even though nothing had happened yet.

Then it was weird when it was still only raining on Tuesday and they cancelled school for Thursday.

Finally today it actually makes sense. It didn't snow. It iced.

Chris and I took out the garbage this morning (mostly an excuse to go outside). At 9:30, well past regular leave-for-work hours, there was only one other set of footprints outside.

On a normal day, my van is one of maybe two or three cars in the parking lot. Today, no one has left home.

Well. We're not from around here, and we're all kind of bored sitting at home. So we went for a pleasure drive. Yes, I'm serious. We dug our car out from solid ice just to drive around for fun in an ice storm. Like I said, we're not from around here.

Unearthing the car was interesting as all the doors were frozen shut. We managed to wedge one door open, then Chris forced the other doors from the inside. The cracking ice was cool.

And then we drove around. There were hardly any cars out, though there were a fair number of pedestrians. The road was slick and icy, but nothing hard if you know what you're doing. Which I suppose is why no one else was out.

One difference I will say in Georgia versus Utah is hills. There are hills everywhere, whereas Salt Lake Valley is essentially flat on all the main roads. We passed more than one road that was closed because the hills made it impassable.

It was kind of eerie. Very, very few businesses were open. This entire strip mall, and the whole shopping complex behind it, were closed. We honestly passed maybe three places that were open. Maybe.

Even Costco was deserted. Don't see that often.

It was actually a rather entertaining drive. Different view of this place we live, and interesting to reminisce about how this same storm would play out in Utah or Idaho. And it was a fun adventure. We like adventures.

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Michael and Amanda said...

I have to say that southern ice storms are the real deal. I remember one coming through Clarksville when I was little that was so bad that we didn't have power for almost a week and we lived off of MREs and used a kerosene heater to stay warm. It's so different than a snow storm. At least you can function in a snow storm.