Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Ever-Obligatory Seasonal Record

I woke up at 5:24. I waited patiently until Chris woke up an hour later. We waited patiently just a bit longer and had a snack.

For what I count to be the fourth year running, we woke up the kids for Christmas morning.

Then we played with blocks until everyone had used the bathroom.

Breaking through the wrapping paper barrier...

And on to opening presents!

P.S. I promise I was present and happy and excited all morning...this is just the only picture of my face, and I didn't know it was being taken. I look mad but I included it anyway.

We had Christmas cereal for breakfast.

And skyped with Grandma Karrie, Grandpa Jeff, Michael, Deborah, Bill and Morgan.

And then with Brenda. She was the only one who answered the phone, and agreed to get out of bed to see us. Time zones, don't ya know.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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