Friday, December 20, 2013

The Best Kind of Busy

No matter how far away Christmas seems to be, December still somehow magically disappears. We've had a handful of excitements keeping us busy.

The kids met Santa at our ward Christmas party. Jane was rather unimpressed that he had to ask what she wanted for Christmas--obviously, he should already know since we wrote our letters ways back in November.

Chris & I got to meet him, too. Ha.

That same night, we went to a Nativity Festival sponsored by our stake. They had a live nativity and displays of dozens of nativities from people in the stake.

Just for fun, here are my personal nativity sets.

They also had treats. It was a fun night, though I was a bit worn out after keeping track of three kids in a room full of breakables placed at exactly toddler eye level.

We did a lot of fun Christmas crafts and games for preschool this month.

We've kept the festivities pretty simple thus far. We have a paper chain, and chocolate advent calendars. Piano Guys Christmas album playing in the car. Flashing lights around the window. The Elf has found some good shelf spots this year.

By the way, that huge present is from Chris to me. He loves the suspense of it all. What possibly needs a box that big?

And we've made lots of paper snowflakes. My other pictures aren't loading at the moment, so you only get two.

Megan and Ben helped, too. They just love scissors--I think they feel deprived since I've outlawed scissors since the epic sisterly haircut of 2013.

Happy Christmas season!


Liz, Karl, Madison, Brooklyn and Aubrey said...

:) I'm glad you have done a few new blog posts... I sure miss my Laura Laughs.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Your snowflakes are awesome. I'll have to show them to Richard. We love making snowflakes too... but Rich is the only one that makes awesome ones. :)

I miss you... I saw that picture of you and thought how good you are looking and it set me off just wishing you were here.