Monday, July 19, 2010

Local Wildlife

To make sure we get out of the house at least once a day, I have been taking the girls on a walk every morning. Then even if we accomplish nothing else the rest of the day, we have at least been outside.

We do have some pleasant sights along the way, particularly with the local wildlife.

There are ducks all over the place.

Jane especially likes watching the baby ducks.

There is also a family of quail--mom, dad, four or five babies--that walks (yes, walks) all around our neighborhood. Unfortunately, I always make too much noise and scare them away before I can take a picture.

There are a lot of snails...

and big spiders eating beetles. Ok, we really only saw one of those, but that still counts.

Don't forget this little treasure that we pass everyday.

This house is creepy. Rusted chains and skulls all over the yard. They are protecting their garden, but still. I took these pictures quickly as I walked past, secretly fearing that the inhabitants would see me and seek revenge for unsolicited photography.

The single most common wildlife, however, is the abandoned shopping cart.

Seriously. They are everywhere.

Some of them even have friends.

These ones got in a fight yesterday. They were knocked over all jumbled up in a pile. Sadly, someone straightened them out before I got a picture. Sigh.

At least some people abandon their shopping carts with a semblance of order.

Sometimes all the abandonment is just too much for Jane to handle.

That, or the sun was in her eyes...

When she's not hiding, she likes to read.

Megan, on the other hand, just chills. As usual.

All of these pictures are courtesy of my new camera:

We already have a nice camera that takes wonderful photos, but I wanted a camera that was small enough to keep in my purse or the diaper bag, rather than always hauling around the big one. Chris bought this for me as my consolation prize for being a single parent for five months.

Love you, Christopher!

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