Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Progress on Two Fronts

Our pile has grown some since we starting packing on Saturday.

I've packed 11 more boxes of games and random kitchen things that we rarely use. Especially now, since I have basically quit cooking anything besides macaroni and cheese, toast, and the occasional hot dog. We need to move just so we can eat real food again...

Most of my packing success is because of this little girl.

I have decided that I'm officially done with waking up with her during the night. The plan to take care of that involves Megan sleeping in the crib in my room, where she can cry all she wants while I sleep on the couch. She always goes to sleep well to begin with, she just wakes up a lot later. The first night I was on the couch, she woke up and cried for an hour and a half, slept for an hour, then cried again for 45 minutes. The second night, she woke up three times but only cried for 20 minutes each time. Last night, she only woke up once. She cried long enough for me to wake up, but not long enough for me to find my cell phone to see what time it was. I call that progress.

Tonight, though, I've been debating whether to tough out the couch for one more night or attempt sleeping in my own bed again. She's already fussed a couple times since I put her bed, though I don't think she's actually woken up at all. But it's enough to make me afraid of waking her up if I went into the room.

Anyway, I've avoided going to bed. I generally just lay awake and listen to Megan cry, so the later I go to bed, the longer I can avoid the unpleasantness...or something like that. Parenting doesn't always bring out the best logic. So, I pack instead. Makes for tired mornings, but productive evenings!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

I'm sorry about Megan - truly, I feel your pain. It seems like she caught on super fast though. Linus screamed for several hours each night for more than a week before we gave up. SIGH... stupid.

I'll see you tonight, right?