Friday, December 4, 2009

A "Short" Adventure

Chris parks the metro in the garage, I park my SUV in the parking lot, mostly to avoid fighting to get a car seat around between a large car and a small garage.

Of course, we live in Logan...and it's stinkin' we have to scrape the windows. Chris often will scrape my windows for me if he has time before he leaves for school or work (thank you, thank you, thank you!), but with finals coming up, he doesn't have time everyday. Yesterday, I wasn't thinking about the windows and headed out to buckle the girls into the car without checking first.


I grabbed my ice scraper, with extended length handle, and proceeded to scrape the frost off the windshield. But do you know that really annoying frost that is somehow super stuck to the windows that is impossible to get off? Yeah, that's what it was. Add to the fact that I've had my scraper for longer than I've been married, which means that only about half an inch of it still scrapes anyway, and it was not going well. I had to push pretty hard on the scraper in order to get anything to actually come off...

And then the scraper broke. The head snapped right off. But, it didn't just come off, it flew off. And landed dead center on the roof of the car.

So remember how I'm kinda short? There was no way I could reach the head to get it back down, even with trying to use the rest of the stick to fish for it. Chris was already gone to work and had forgotten his phone, so I was on my own. I thought of a trick my dad often mentioned and I pulled out a credit card to scrape the frost.

So remember how I'm kinda short?

I couldn't reach. Yes, I know it is very unsafe to drive when you can't see. Yes, I know you can get pulled over and receive a ticket for not fully scraping your windows. Yes, I know two freezing, screaming children are no excuse. Yes, I know I shouldn't let my height impede my quality of life.

Chris bought me a new scraper later that day.

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Jared and Delia said...

Atleast you took a picture. :) I am guilty of not scraping as well as I should. Thanks for reminding me to be better!