Saturday, December 26, 2009

in mostly chronological order

The Phillips Party

Christmas Eve

My dad's family all gathered at my parents' house for our annual Christmas Eve party.

We spent a chunk of the evening discussing the fact that we never do anything at this particular party except eat. And yet, we managed to...

let the kids open presents,

try on some new footwear, was a little big

create some art,

watch some dog wrestling,

and get in a nap or two.

We also donned our new pajamas from the Pajama Fairy. (notice my stupid brace?)

I think Megan's were the cutest.

They even matched Lisa's.

The Booty
Christmas Morning



can you find the hidden surprise?


air compressor, table saw (not pictured), frying pan,

and a piece of paper

Upon checking his email, Chris learned that I had given him a one year membership to the website Digital Blasphemy. They have really cool desktop backgrounds. Check it out. A few of them are free.


full M*A*S*H series on dvd

Barbie cd player with 8 cds of kid songs, two new dolls, dishes for her kitchen (holy cow, she loves those dishes, and we aren't even home to use them in her kitchen yet)

(and I don't have a picture of them either)

purple cabbage patch doll

Megan is the one in the middle, in case you couldn't tell.

What's wrong with this picture?


Did you notice the hidden image above?

And a shout-out to those who received our special holiday phone carol.

The Pyper Party

Christmas Day

playing some games

singing some songs

and lookin' cute in red


Jane felt it was important that Megan hears her share of stories.

And I felt it was important that Megan receive the patented cold rag fix-all first aid when I accidentally scratched the top of her head with my wedding ring. I guess my ring isn't entirely child-friendly. Thanks for the help, Morgan.


it was a good Christmas


Britta said...

Wait, I thought Pyper was your side of the family yet you posted a picture of Janet...Did I miss something?

Those pics of Jane and Megan are absolutely the cutest!

Brenda said...

Pyper is my mom's (Janet's) maiden name.

Britta said...

Ah. Well, I have a hard enough time keeping my own family straight :) Lol!

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

What a fun holiday. I love the big knife sticking up in the middle of all the children's toys. :) I'm glad that wasn't the cause of the first aid given to Megan.

Les said...

It's so strange seeing your family all grown up! I found a bunch of things we did when we were little (when we did our own restaurant, our story of Denim & Lace and all our things with our dolls). I'll have to take pictures or scan them in and send them to you. They're so funny!