Wednesday, December 30, 2009

China City

In my family, it is tradition that if you earn a 4.0 in a semester, you get a dinner at any restaurant of your choice. Chris's choice for his FIFTH college 4.0: China City in American Falls, ID.

We invited everyone around to join, and they did.

Chris, David, and Heather

Jane and Laura
stupid brace

Charyl (David's wife--and that's pronounced Charlie and Sheryl combined), Craig, and Janet


and the fried rice that didn't fit on the table.

You may have guessed that China City is a Chinese restaurant. I do not like Chinese food, other than fried rice. So, I had a chicken sandwich instead. If you go to China City, I suggest you get the Chinese food instead...they are better at making that. Although, I will admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the fries.

That's the new digital camera I got for Christmas. If I'm intentionally headed out to take pictures, I certainly want to use our fancy Canon camera. But for those spur of the moment, that will make a funny blog post, adventures, Chris gave me this camera to carry in purse. That way, I'll always have it handy.

So, of course, the first time I pull it out, the memory card is in the bag of the other camera. Lame. Meaning all these pictures were once again taken by my cell phone camera.

We spent about six days with my family in Salt Lake and three-ish days in Idaho with Chris's family. Of that visit, I only have one picture, taken at Mr. Libby's house.

We had a good time chillin' in Aberdeen, but it's really really REALLY nice to be home again!

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Michelle said...

Looks like you are having a good Christmas break! I want to know more about this brace though....