Sunday, October 4, 2009

Once upon a time

The Garden

Once upon a time, we had some planter boxes. They were full of weeds.

We pulled up the weeds and planted vegetables and flowers.

The lettuce, onions, carrots, peppers and tomatoes were a welcome addition to many meals,

...and then school started. And the garden died.

We had harvested all the vegetables in the far west end of the box, but the rest, sadly, were left to their own devices, at the mercy of the elements. Including the frost.

A few things suffered on and struggled for life, but... didn't always turn out well.

We decided to put it all out of its misery. The onions found a new home in the garage,

the carrots moved into the fridge,

and now we have some planter boxes.

The End

Thank you, Craig, for taking care of the garden. Thank you, Janet, for cleaning my house. The bathroom smells lovely!

The Puzzle

Once upon a time, we started a puzzle.

A long time later, we finished that puzzle. Not a single one of the 3,000 pieces was lost, even though several were threatened with a slimy death in a toddler's mouth.

Yesterday we glued that puzzle,

so we could hang it on the wall.

Later. After it's done being re-flattened by all the heavy textbooks stacked on top of it.

The End

Thank you everyone who helped us finish this puzzle: John, Valerie, Jess, Janet, Craig, Heather, Jake, Rebecca, and anyone else I forgot.

The Soldier

Once upon a time, my uncle joined the marines. Eventually, he joined the National Guard. He served one year in Iraq,

and tomorrow he goes back again. So we spent the afternoon enjoying each other's company

and eating Grandpa's famous homemade ice cream,

even though it was a little cold outside.

The End

Thank you Darren and all the soldiers out there who fight to keep our country free.

The Baby

Once upon a time, we had a baby.

A year later, we decided to have another one.

In two days, she'll be here,

and our family will be more than this.

The End...almost!


Mom said...

Do you think your father-in-law will come and clean up my garden?

Jared and Delia said...

Yay...I bet it feels good to be ready! Good luck!

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

Good luck Laura with the labor part of pregnancy! We can't wait to see this little one. Post quickly. This was a fun post by the way.

Ben and Michelle said...

You are so creative with your blog! I loved your stories:)

Jess said...

that post was cute! i'll probably see ya tonight..

Les said...

What a cute family! I'm you guys have a blog too, I love catching up with people through these! :D