Saturday, October 10, 2009

Life with baby Megan

We came home from the hospital on Wednesday night...only 27 hours after Megan was born. We could have stayed longer, but I really don't like staying in the hospital. I never could really fall asleep with all the weird lights and noises that can't be turned off. I even sent Megan to the nursery in hopes of five or six hours of uninterrupted sleep...seems like a good idea, right? Well, the nurses disagreed. They still woke me up every two hours to take my temperature and check my blood pressure. That was lame. So we came home.


I'd forgotten how much newborns sleep. Yes, she eats every two hours, but she promptly falls asleep as soon as she's done. And stays asleep until it's time to eat again. Open eyes are a rare treat.

I'd also forgotten how tiny newborns really are. I look at an outfit and think how small it is, then I get in on Megan and it totally drowns her. How cute.


Jane spent most of the last week in Salt Lake with my parents. For all of Thursday and most of Friday, it was just Megan and I at home during the day while Chris was at school, then just the three of us in the evening. Honestly, it felt like we'd traded Jane in for a newer model.

But Jane did come home Friday evening. She ran in the door and immediately pounced on Megan, who was lounging on the couch, minding her own business (a.k.a. sleeping).

Luckily, the attack didn't last long. Jane quickly found the new doll set that we'd bought her as a gift from Megan...not that it makes any difference to Jane who it came from.

All she's done since she's been home is play with that doll and all the fun new accessories. It definitely helps to keep her from giving Megan too much attention.


We did eventually get Jane to sit still long enough to be officially introduced to her sister. They sat for a few minutes...

...then Jane decided they both needed to lay on the pillow. That was just great until Jane decided Megan wasn't in exactly the right place and tried to move her. Megan came dangerously close to rolling off the couch--but only after she'd been smashed in the face.

We'll keep working on the siblings relations.


So, every parent passes things on to their children, whether they want to or not. Our family has a few oddities that have already appeared, giving Chris and I some special connections to our children.

Chris has a small birthmark on the elbow of his left arm. Jane has one, too. In exactly the same place.

I was born with a small hole on my upper ear. Nothing major, it just looks like I've had my ear pierced in that one spot.

Oddly enough, Megan was born with an identical hole. In exactly the same place.

Such are the legacies we choose to share with our posterity.


Jane has been just a touch jealous of the baby. Megan has spent quite a lot of time in my arms the last two days, primarily for her own protection. She's too new and too much of a novelty to leave her within Jane's reach. I'm not worried--we'll all get used to her eventually. But nonetheless, Jane has showed signs of attention deprivation. There came a point today when she decided that if Megan got to take a nap on Mom, then she should, too.

She laid down on me and promptly fell asleep. It's so hard to get her to take a nap lately that I didn't want to try to move her (Chris was gone, so I was on my own at this moment...). We stayed on the couch just like that for over an hour. Needless to say, I was a little sore when they both finally woke up.


All told, life is good.


Rebecca said...

What a precious little girl! I hope everything continues to go well. Congrats again!

Tannie Datwyler said...

I love these pictures and I love watching the toddler figure out the newborn. SOOOOO sweet. I can't believe how fast the time goes, I'm still startled to realize that Linus was born a year ago.

Molly said...

Ahhh I can't wait for mine. Nixon is so loving, he hits everyone in the face. So we'll see if we can work on that by the time baby #2 graces us with its presence.

We Krazy Knuts said...

I totally understand the 2 year old giving the newborn too much attention. Don't worry, soon the attention will be much less dangerous to the baby. Ben still loves attacking Brooklyn with hugs and kisses, but he's much gentler now.
You have the cutest kids!!!!!

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

How fun! I just can't wait for all of the fun that goes along with having a second child... and baby number 1 getting jealous. I love the funny little traits you passed on. That's really odd. But I have to admit, I thought the picture of the elbows was actually a different part of the body when I saw it (namely a part you feed a baby from) :)

Jared and Delia said...

Ha ha! I love how small they are at this age! Oh! I am tearing up. I LOOOVE newborns...even though they make me totally tired. NO matter how tired I am I feel like I have an angel in my midst and I feel so glow-y with one around.

It sounds like you guys are adjusting well. Megan is beautiful! That is really fun how you have passed on such interesting physical characteristics.

Les said...

So random you guys live in blackhawk?