Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brenda wins!

1. Kids these days. They just don't get scared like they used to. Monsters, Inc.

2. How am I supposed to beat him? I can't even beat you to the stairs! Kung Fu Panda

3. Hello, Bruce. Finding Nemo

4. After all, I am your biggest fan. The Incredibles

5. Somebody's got to nail that girl's fins to the floor. The Little Mermaid

6. Fire up the ovens, Muffin Man! We got a big order to fill. Shrek 2

7. This entire jungle is a house of death! Horton Hears a Who

8. Tractors is so dumb. Cars

9. You poor simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me, me! The Mistress of All Evil! Well, here's your precious princess! Sleeping Beauty

10. All this for a loaf of bread? Aladdin

1 comment:

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

We have watched 7 of those 10 movies in the past few weeks ourselves. As good as they are, I am starting to get sick of them. :0