Thursday, August 20, 2009

thinking about ketchup

Well, not really--I haven't had any rice in days. I was actually thinking about "catch up" because I just posted two other posts about recent Wampler adventures, but "ketchup" sounded funnier in my head. But a joke isn't actually funny if you have to explain it. Sigh for dumb jokes. Anyway, I've caught up with the major events, but I still feel like writing tonight, so I'm going to think out loud and tell you about whatever pops into my head...even if it's as lame as ketchup.

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I bought a new watch this week. The battery in my old watch kept stopping for a while, then starting again randomly. That's not exactly reliable for keeping track of time, especially now that school has started and my schedule really matters. So I bought a new one at ShopKo. There wasn't anyone working at the jewelry counter and I wasn't able to get it adjusted right then. I was headed to Walmart later anyway, so I had the band adjusted there.

While I was waiting for the worker to finish, I noticed a paper taped to the counter providing information for the employees. The note listed all the brands that Walmart is willing to service (adjust bands, replace batteries, etc.). There was also a list of all the brands that they would not service. At the end, there was a statement to this effect: Use common sense. If it looks expensive, tell them no.

FYI: If you have an expensive watch, don't take it to Walmart.

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I started school today. I've decided that I'm not a huge fan of the first day. Everything went just fine, but it seems like something of a wasted day. I have to spend hours going over procedures and setting up routines--I willingly admit that it is very important for the success of the rest of the school year, but I get bored. I want to get into actual teaching and not just talking at them all day.

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With all the getting ready for school this week my house has been sorely neglected. One couch is completely covered with stuff that has been dumped when coming in the front door, the floor hasn't been vacuumed in probably a week, and the kitchen...let's just say it's not good. Especially the smell. It makes me glad that school starts on a Thursday, as random as that seems. I'll be glad to have a short day tomorrow and then the weekend to get caught up a bit at home.

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I'm still not a huge fan of being pregnant. I've been way more sore this time around than I ever was with Jane. I'm sure that has something to do with Jane, actually, since last time I didn't have a toddler to chase down, pick up, carry, and otherwise strain my body on behalf of. I mentioned it at my doctor's appointment yesterday and was told that I can basically just expect everything to get worse as I get bigger, and now that I'm back at school and will be on my feet a lot more. Sigh. I'm not looking for sympathy or pity or anything. I'm just talking to myself, mostly. I have heard of a pregnancy brace that can help support the belly weight and relieve strain from a lot of other areas...I'm working on finding out if my insurance will cover any or all of the cost before I buy it. It sounds promising, though, and still worth it even if I have to pay it all myself.

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Speaking of being pregnant, my baby has the hiccups right now. They are big enough hiccups that I can sit here and watch my entire stomach bounce up and down without my ever moving...

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I'm not a grand hairstylist for myself, and even less so for Jane. (I posted about that very issue on the Village--feel free to share any insights.) BUT! I finally have proof that I do indeed fix Jane's hair on rare occasion.

I'm sure there are people out there who will be convinced that Jane's cheese is possessed by an evil spirit, but I assure you, if there were any spirits in that cheese, they have now been fully consumed without any negative side effects. Yet, at least.

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Jared and Delia said...

I know that Needham fixes "nice" watches for free usually.

I know that some chiropractors sell those back braces. If your insurance company offers a chiropractor you might have luck that way. I could always lend you my belly band. It is not as comfy as the chiropractic ones. It is just from Motherhood Maternity but it worked better than nothing. Let me know!

Jared and Delia said...

I mean covers a chiropractor. Duh. Sorry.

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

I just have to say I TOTALLY hear you on the not enjoying being pregnant so much this time around. I am always hurting and it I feel like I am a 100 years old!!!! Janes hair looks really cute. You did good.

Tannie Datwyler said...

I know that you said you didn't want sympathy, but I really am sorry that you are feeling awful. :(

As for first day - I LOVE the first day. I like getting back into the swing of things and I love seeing those kids. But, it does get borning... you are right.

Mom said...

I love you Laura!

JeriLynn said...

You put ketchup on rice?? That's weird.

Also, when I was a kid, I made up a joke that played on the ketchup/catch-up joke. How do I say this? It's basically the same except instead of ketchup, saying spaghetti (which I usually spell wrong because of how I said it for the joke) and the punch-line being--ready for this?--spit-get-he. Get it? Spit 'n' get'im. Yeah. Dumb. I told it once and then never again (wonder why). When I married Jay, I told him, and now whenever I ask him what he wants to do, he says "Spit-get-'im", like "whatever." Oh boy.

Anyway loved the posts. Hilarious. I agree with the vacation and the babysitting excuses. Stupid.