Saturday, August 29, 2009

Since school started, I have...

...discovered which of my 26 students are going to be the most challenging--and the most entertaining--this year.

...compiled a list of all the random health issues my different students have: type 1 diabetes requiring daily insulin shots during class, asperger's, OCD, ADHD, peanut allergy requiring an epipen on hand at all times, and a dye allergy (no Red 40, Blue 5, etc.). He has his own bag of candy stashed in the cupboard so he can have one of those in case the rest of us are eating something he can't have.

...made my class practice lining up more than a dozen times--and that was just on the first day.

...started reading Peppermints in the Parlor to my kids. They informed me it's much more entertaining if I create different voices for all the characters. Request granted.

...started reading Dealing with Dragons to myself. No voices required.

...received a round of applause from the faculty at my school when I announced that I wrote down one page of directions on how to use a machine that the principal gave to everyone--and taught no one how to use.

...seriously neglected the cleaning of my house. Hooray for a willing husband and a daughter who takes great amusement in following directions--sometimes.

...sprouted another UTI/kidney infection. Make this #6...or #7...since I've been pregnant. I've lost count.

...been called as the ward chorister and choir director. I have never directed a choir. My bishop is an accomplished director, if I understand correctly--pressure's on. (P.S. Did I ever tell you that I'm having a baby in a month and a half? How does that fit with directing a choir?)

...went on a date with my husband. Finally! Neither of us could remember the last time we were able to go out on a simple date without bringing Jane along. We went to Iron Gate Grill for dinner, bought The Iron Giant at Walmart, then went to see Harry Potter 6 in the theater. Yay for babysitters! Thanks, Delia.

...seen two of my students at the theater. I'm curious on Monday to find out if they thought it was really cool to see me, or if it was one of those weird "my teacher has a life outside of school?!" moments.

...ordered the "prenatal cradle". Basically, it's a huge brace that helps support the belly weight by spreading it out to the shoulders and more evenly across the back. Best part: it's 80% covered by my insurance. We can pick it up on Monday.

...taught Jane to enjoy plain flour tortillas. Now we're working on how to fold them properly--in half three times, so it looks like a multi-layered slice of pizza. She can also appreciate a good ol' bowl of rice and ketchup.

...discovered that Jane knows how to dance. Believe me, she didn't learn this from us.


Jared and Delia said...

Haha! There were some Hawaiian dancers in our ward who were showcasing their talents (yes I know at a "hoe down") and Jane was WAY into it. She kept trying to get on the stage so she could perform too. I forgot to tell you that last night.

I also took a couple western pictures of her with her pink bandana. I took it off because it became a very nice dirty bib. Do you want me to email them to you?

I am sorry to hear about your infections.

I remember seeing my teachers outside of school and I thought it was WAAAAYY weird. *shiver* I don't know why. It is like thinking of your parents as young and dating and stuff. Not apart of my realm of understanding. :)

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

Wow what a week and a half! I am so glad I am not trying to juggle that much right now. I also can't believe how many different "and unusual" health concerns you have in your class this year. That's gotta be tough.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Hahahaha! Congrats on your new calling. :) Did you know I was the ward choir director in the 52nd ward for 2 years? :) I love reading all your random things.

Brenda said...

I wish I got to come play with you guys and Jane more often. That video of Jane dancing reminded me of all the fun things that I miss.

As for seeing your kids out side of school one of my roommate refuses to do baptisms at the Jordan River Temple because she doesn't want to run into her students there. How weird would that be?