Thursday, August 20, 2009

Spencer and Mailee Pyper

Congratulations to Spencer and Mailee! They were married last Friday, August 14, 2009. It was pretty cool that they ended up together: Spencer is Chris's cousin, so they have obviously known each other forever. Mailee lived in Aberdeen for years--the town where Chris grew up. So, Chris and his family have known both of them most of their lives, without the two ever being connected. Spencer and Mailee first really hit it off at David's (Chris's brother) wedding, then they continued dating mostly through Facebook. And the rest is history...

This isn't the best wedding picture. I promise they really do like each other! This was just the picture that we snapped when Chris and I went through the line.

Chris's mom made the cake. I was there for flower placement consulting for a while, until I decided I was too tired to watch and left. Sorry, Janet!

Yay, Spencer and Mailee!

P.S. This is Chris's aunt's sister, Joyce. I found out that she reads my blog. :) All you other random people that I don't know that read this, you should tell me!

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With family reunions and weddings all scheduled close together, a few of Chris's farther out-of-town relatives hung out in Utah for quite a while. Jane and I had the chance to hang out with Chris's aunts Shelly and Karen when they came to Logan to visit the Willow Park Zoo. This picture is actually Shelly on the right with her daughter Rachel on the left...sorry, Karen! I didn't get any pictures of you.

Jane was more interested in pushing the stroller herself than looking at any of the animals,

except, of course, when there was water close by. I was glad at that point that there were several other people around who could run to her faster than I could.

This is Jane with Chris's cousin, Edie. They are only two months apart in age...Chris thought it was weird that his wife and his aunt were pregnant at the same time.

And a couple random shots from the park: the eagle wearing pants,

one of the only animals that will really hold still long enough to get a truly decent picture (I'll stick with just the sign for this so you can get the full information),

and the picture I got when I accidentally hit the wrong button on the camera and took a picture instead of turning it off.

Chris also had some grand old fun with Edie's older sisters at the wedding--or at least, they had fun with him. They never held still long enough for me to get a good picture, but you get the idea!

...and just because I'm a sucker for sleeping baby pictures...

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