Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pyper Reunion 2009

Once upon a time (yesterday), in a faraway land (West Valley), the Pypers and Pyper descendants gathered for the annual family reunion.

No reunion is complete without...

Family pictures (siblings & semi-extended)

helping a second cousin take a walk

matching hot pink shirts for the menfolk

car repairs

wrong number phone calls with girls in Alabama


stroller naps

and last but not least, the annual sawdust hunt... dig... thing that I've never seen before...

for the toddlers...

the parents (and future parents)...

and the grandparents...

We came home with a bag of candy and $3.60 in change. I just might be able to buy into this tradition.

Oh, yeah. I burned my feet more, too. My own fault for not wearing sunscreen again and still wearing the same sandals (everything else hurt too much!). When I noticed the blisters this morning, we had to take slightly more drastic measures before heading off to church.

I don't think the baby approved. Everytime I bent over to apply the bandages, she wiggled and kicked all over the place until I sat up again. Oh, well. At least I had repainted my nails so they look nice.

And when I was done posting all of that, I discovered what Jane had been doing the whole time.

She was so proud of her work.


Molly said...

lol! I love it! except your toasty toes. Ouchy.

Tannie Datwyler said...

Laura your poor feet!!!! :(

Jared and Delia said...

How fun!

Jane looked like she kept herself busy. :)

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

Oh Laura... I thought you would have learned. Did you really go to West Valley as in West Valley City? If so, that's where I grew up.