Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hooray Day!

Three reasons to celebrate December 13, 2008:

1. It's Mom's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!!
2. Jess is graduating from USU with her bachelor's degree. Yay!
3. It snowed. The wind is blowing. It's freezing outside. I have a furnace. YAY!!!! No wood burning stove!

I had to go out to the garage this morning to get my school stuff out of the car, but I was seriously conflicted about whether or not I wanted to open the garage door. The snow was blowing directly on it. (Unfortunately, the flakes were too small to see in the picture, so you can't tell that it was actually snowing pretty hard when I took this.) There was a cool effect with the snow piled up on the doorknob and deadbolt. I took a picture to save the moment, then went in anyway. The other unfortunately is that Jane followed me outside and did an accidental face-plant in the snow. I confess, I laughed. Then I changed her clothes.

We have had our Christmas tree up since about a week after Halloween. We figured that since we were going to be gone during most of the actual Christmas season, we needed our tree up early to be able to enjoy it before we went traipsing around Utah and Southern Idaho.

I'm getting excited for Christmas. We have all of our presents wrapped and arranged neatly on top of our entertainment center. (That seemed a safer place than anywhere within Jane's reach...) It's different being the parent now. I know what all of the presents are, seeing as how I bought and wrapped almost every single one (except for Mom's--Yay Grandma! And Happy Birthday!). There is one gift that as yet remains a mystery... Chris has gotten me something that has become quite the conversation topic, mostly because I have absolutely no idea what it could possibly be. I don't even remotely have a guess. Way to keep a secret.

Jane has a huge scratch across her cheek, courtesy of herself. I believe I shall take this opportunity while she is quietly enjoying her bottle to break out the nail clippers.

Happy Birthday Mom! Congratulations Jess! Yay Furnace!


Deborah said...

Thank you for wishing me a Happy Birthday over and over! It was very fun to read your blog!

Love ya'
Mom :)

Brenda said...

She's such a cute little Wamplette! Good to see she got in a bite or two before she was discovered. I hope she didn't make to much of a mess otherwise.

Love ya' all
Dad W

(p.s. - it's a good thing that Brenda came home to tell us that you guys started a blog.)