Friday, December 12, 2008

digit swap

Chris and I went to a Christmas party tonight for his almost-former employer (he stopped officially working for them a few months ago, but he has been helping here and there with a few projects--they've finally found someone to replace him, so after Chris does a little training next week, he'll actually stop working for them, officially or otherwise). It was a pleasant evening, with good food and a rather amusing bit of entertainment from a high school choir group.

After the party, we made a trip to the grocery store for some allergy medicine and to fill up the gas tank. I was very grateful to find that it took less than $20 to fill our entire gas tank. We weren't completely on empty, but... well, put it this way. We thought we had a 12-gallon tank, and Chris was able to get in a little over 13 gallons. I guess we were empty. Anyway, the remarkable thing about that is that it only cost $20. Just three months ago that same amount of gas would have been more than $50.

Is anyone else as grateful about this as I am? We paid $1.43 tonight. In August, we hit $4.13. It's amazing how the order of the same three digits can make such a difference.

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Jess said...

heck yes!! i love gas prices! (especially with my job)