Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Boys

After Megan was born, I really enjoyed being able to refer to her and Audrey as "the girls." Now that I have Ben and Simon, it's actually kind of trippy to refer to them as "the boys." Fun adjustment, though.

It has been noted by many, many people that Simon looks a lot like Ben. I admit to calling Simon Ben more than once while we were in the hospital. Just to prove that everyone who has made the comment is correct and that I am justified in my name slippage, I have compiled photographic evidence that they do, in fact, look the same. Not in chronological order.

First up, the boys (ha) modeling the "I was just born" look.

A facial closeup.

Lounging on the couch.

Sleeping in the bassinet. Still love this bassinet, by the way.

And for my personal favorites, they each model their first non-white t-shirt outfit.

Followed closely by screaming in the car seat. Same car seat, same emotional expression. You'd think they were related or something.

I can tell the difference between them just from their faces, but Chris and kids were correctly identifying them based on clothing and blankets. I suppose I should label them all for your sake, but...I didn't. Anybody want to guess who is who?


Liz, Karl, Madison, Brooklyn and Aubrey said...

I must admit, in most of those I really don't know?!? If your anything like me, in a few years it will be hard for even you to tell them apart in pictures. Sometimes I have issues with my girls and they really don't look all that much alike.

shanna said...

Ben simon. Simon ben.simon ben. Simon ben. Ben simon. Ben simon. Ben simon. :)

Tannie Datwyler said...

Okay... here's my guess:

Ben Simon
Simon Ben
Simon Ben
Simon Ben
Ben Simon
Ben Simon
Ben Simon

Laura said...

Shanna and Tannie, you're both right. :)