Monday, September 8, 2014

Ben's Turn!

Finally, finally, FINALLY Benjamin got to start his very own preschool class! He's been ever so excited to get to do what his sisters have been doing for so long. So excited, in fact, that he insisted on eating breakfast with his backpack on.

We're doing a preschool co-op with four other moms in our ward. It'll be our turn to have preschool at our house in a few weeks, and he's equally excited for that.

When I went to pick him up afterwards, he couldn't help but jump up and down while telling me about what they did during preschool. He had a new green folder with all his papers inside, which he showed to me, to the girls, to our friends who came over for lunch, to Dad when he got home, and several times to himself--"This is a game. I match the right letters in the boxes. I made a flag. This is a song." I couldn't get as good of a pick-up picture because he wouldn't stop talking about it all (remind you of any sister of his?)

I would say that Preschool Day 1 was a definite success.

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Tannie Datwyler said...

He's so cute and grown up. It's been TOO long since I saw your kids.

I'm doing a co-op with Dee this year as well. She just started today.