Tuesday, November 19, 2013

happy birthday to the AWESOMIST

Happy Birthday to Grandpa Craig!

What is something Grandpa Craig always says to you?
 AJ: You're nice.
M: About going to his house.
B: Pat a cake baker's man.

What makes Grandpa happy?
AJ: When I tickle him.
M: When I play with him.
B: Hey, I know that guy.

What makes Grandpa sad?
AJ: When I hit my little sister.
M: When I don't play with him.
B: His name is Grampa Cwaig.

How old is Grandpa?
AJ: 29 years old.
M: I just don't know.
B: Um....I'm two.

How tall is Grandpa?
AJ: 29 inches.
M: He's a grown up.
B: Grandpa Cwaig talks.

What was Grandpa like when he was little?
AJ: He was a baby with little tiny ears.
M: He was just little.

What is Grandpa's favorite thing to do?
AJ: Tickle me.
M: Play ring around the rosies with me.
B: Do pat a cake baker's man.

 What is Grandpa's favorite food?
AJ: Turkey.
M: Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.
B: I like snack.

Where is Grandpa's favorite place to go?
AJ: With me to the store.
M: To the park.
B: To somebody's house.

What is your favorite thing about Grandpa?
AJ: I like that he plays with me.
M: To go swimming with him.
B: Just pictures.

What is Grandpa really good at?
AJ: Helping me.
M: Making dinner.
B: Really good at food.

What is Grandpa not very good at?
AJ: Giving me a bath.
M: He's not too good at taking a bath.
B: Where is Grandpa Cwaig's map?

If Grandpa becomes famous, what will it be for?
AJ: He'll be handsome and wearing church clothes in a parade.
M: Is this the ending one? I love him.

What does Grandpa do for his job?
AJ: He earns money to earn a house. He goes somewhere and does his job.
M: Go to work and pay money.
B: He's a Grandpa.

What do you and Grandpa do together?
AJ: We sit together at dinner sometimes.
M: Play ring around the rosies.
B: We do pat a cake. Grandpa Cwaig dooos pat a cake baker's man. Roll it and throw it up high and tickle Mommy so Mommy's don't cry.

How are you and Grandpa the same?
AJ: We like each other.
M: We do the same things.
B: I like to be tickled.

How are you and Grandpa different?
AJ: He has glasses, I don't.
M: Not doing the same things.
B: Just singing at church.

What makes you proud of Grandpa?
AJ: Because I like it when he plays with me.
M: When he plays with me.

What makes Grandpa proud of you?
AJ: By helping him if he drops something.
M: When us play hide and seek.
B: Grandpa Cwaig has church clothes.

How do you know Grandpa loves you?
AJ: By playing with me.
M: I give him hugs.
B: I like it when I get cake.

What do you want to tell Grandpa for his birthday?
AJ: Happy Birthday Grandpa! I wonder how old you are.
M: Happy Birthday. I can't give him his present because us all the way in Georgia. For pretend I would give him church clothes.
B: Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. We needs cake for Grandpa Cwaig.

Happy Birthday! We miss you!
(and happy anniversary tomorrow!)


Liz, Karl, Madison, Brooklyn and Aubrey said...

Those kids are pretty funny. :) I loved all of Ben's answers.

Brenda said...

I remember most of those pictures. I'm also a little jealous I didn't get a birthday shout out ;)