Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our Favorite Grandpa Jeff

Happy Birthday to Grandpa Jeff!
1. What is something Grandpa always says to you?

AJ: He always says happy birthday.
M: Says hi to his favorite Megan.

2. What makes Grandpa happy?

AJ: When Daddy tickles me.
M: When I say my favorite joke.
B: Airplane in the sky.

3. What makes Grandpa sad?

AJ: When I hit somebody.
M: I don't say a favorite joke.
B: Not happy.

 4. How does Grandpa make you laugh?

AJ: When he tickles me.

M: By saying cock-a-doodle-do.
B: Roar like a lion.

5. What was Grandpa like as a child?

AJ: Maybe he liked to hop.
M: He didn't play with me.
B: Grandpa not child, Mommy.

6. How old is Grandpa?

AJ: I don't know quite. One hundred thousand.
M: 4. The same number as me.
B: Really old.

7. How tall is Grandpa?

AJ: 2 feet.

M: standing on chair This tall, like Dad.
B: BIIIIIIIIIG. Grandpa's big.

8. What is Grandpa's favorite thing to do?

AJ: Watch grown-up shows.
M: Play hide and seek. Him counts and I hide.
B: Eat.

9. What does Grandpa do when you're not around?

AJ: That's hard to tell. Because...wait. Sometimes he eats grilled cheese sandwiches when I'm not there.
M: Him goes finding me and play hide and seek again.

10. If Grandpa becomes famous, what will it be for?

AJ: Saving us if there was a fire.
M: It will be for to be good.

11. What is Grandpa really good at?

AJ: Being nice.
M: Him's really good at ring around the rosies. But that's a walking game so him will have to put on his boots to do that. His big boots.

12. What is Grandpa not very good at?

AJ: He's not very good at doing small buttons.
M: Tag.

13. What does Grandpa do for his job?

AJ: He works to earn money.
M: Go to work. Him works.
B: Eat.

14. What is Grandpa's favorite food?

AJ: Spaghetti.
M: Psketti.
B: He likes to drink at people's house and at temples.

15. What makes you proud of Grandpa?

AJ: When he bes nice to me.

M: Proud of him running around with his boots on.

16. What makes Grandpa proud of you?

AJ: When I be nice to my friends and my sister.
M: When I get him his cane.

17. What do you and Grandpa do together?

AJ:  We sit and watch Harry Potter.
M: Us play.
B: Play with dinosaur at Grandpa's house.

18. How are you and Grandpa the same?

AJ: Both our favorite colors are orange.
M: We can both sing when us play.
B: New shoes.

19. How are you and Grandpa different?

AJ: He has glasses and I don't have glasses.
M: Not playing the same thing when us gone.
B: I'm Ben.

20. Where is Grandpa's favorite place to go?

AJ: Can I give it a guess? What's that place called that has all those free foods that you can take? It's a restaurant you don't have to pay for. Yeah, Golden Corral.

M: The park.
B: Park.

How do you know Grandpa loves you?

AJ: Because I'm cute and he likes my name.
M: Cause I give him hugs.

22. What do you want to tell Grandpa for his birthday?

AJ: Happy Birthday Grandpa Jeff! I'll miss you when you die.
M: Surprise! Happy Birthday! Make him a surprise party when I see him. And make him just not see when I'm making it. Let's make him distracted.
B: Where's the cake?

Happy Birthday!

P.S. I take no responsibility for what my children have said.


Brenda said...

"I'll miss you when you die.":) only Audrey Jane can get away with saying things like that

Ruby in the Rough said...

Okay, this was hilarious!

Ruby in the Rough said...
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