Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In the inbetweens

We use Dropbox. Ever heard of it? Saves files online, you can access them from anything with the internet and the right program. I'm not even sure if you need the program or if you can do it from the website or something... but whatever. The most useful part is that any picture taken on my cell phone or Chris's cell phone magically appears on my laptop. Ripe for the blog-picking.

I was noticing that all of my posts recently have been events (anniversary, funeral, birthdays) and nothing much about the little stuff. So...

It has been a long-standing rule with our girls that you can pick one toy to sleep with at night, and it must be a doll or a stuffed animal. This stemmed from Audrey Jane wanting to sleep with things like her camera, so she could take pictures all night (really), or her laptop so she could play games (really). She thought we wouldn't notice that she was up playing. *eye roll* While Audrey and Megan are well-accustomed to our doll-or-animal rule, Ben is not. He regularly sleeps with his shovel, or a car, or a puzzle piece, or a dump truck.

I am still continually amazed and pleased with how well Megan and Ben play together during the day while Audrey is at school. They are basically best friends.

It's been nearly a month ago now, but we babysat twin girls for an afternoon. Audrey thought that was the coolest thing ever. She still talks about them coming over again sometime.

Megan has improved greatly in her climbing skills. And I don't have any pictures, but she has some serious soccer skills showing up. As in, she aims when she kicks and the ball actually goes right where she meant it to. I can't even do that most of the time.

Ben found this marble puzzle thing at the park. He spent a good 30 minutes standing there one day, and even gave a lesson on its operation to an older Chinese gentleman who was there with his grandson.

When I came home from Utah, I took the train from the airport back up to the northern suburb where we live. I was greeted at the train station by Christopher and the kids with two dozen roses. It was a Happy Anniversary/Welcome Home/THANK YOU FOR COMING BACK bouquet. Made me smile.

Chris plays racquetball twice a week with a friend from our ward. He regularly comes home with these bruises from where he gets hit by the ball. The one on his back was just this afternoon.

A banana exploded on our counter.

Chris and Audrey were both out of school on Monday and Tuesday this week for fall break (which totally makes today feel like Monday since it's the end of our weekend--so confusing). We took advantage of the time home and went out to dinner. I felt a little guilty about bringing food from McDonald's into Panda Express, but Chris totally didn't care and neither did anyone else. I'm happy to be wrong on that one.

We also used the school break to introduce our children to Doctor Who. Audrey keeps asking to watch more episodes.

Audrey Jane has started writing stories. It's really fun to watch her learn how to read, and especially to watch her learn how to write. She is so much like me.

In case you can't read it, it says: "You are up on a bog (dog). It is bad. It can bite. So do not bite I said to the dog."

We have such a cute little family.


Michael and Amanda said...

Go Megan! Keep up those soccer skills. Ben is super cute with the toys he takes to bed. I'm thinking I should make the one toy to bed rule. Ivan has his giant giraffe you gave me, plus the giant monkey Janet and Craig gave him, and his puppy and small giraffe plus a lion or dinosaur on occasion. I love Jane's story. And I miss you guys. Enjoy the winter, that's what's best about the south :]

Liz, Karl, Madison, Brooklyn and Aubrey said...

I loved all the random pictures. And I mean random. :) Like the exploding banana. But I love your kids. They sure do make me laugh. Chatting with you this morning made me really really sad that I can't see you. Boo. So I've decided we've got to make it happen sometime.