Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Introducing Miss Audrey Jane, 

Audrey was quite nervous the morning of her first day. It wasn't until after school that I finally figured out that she thought she would be the only one wearing a uniform. She relaxed quite a bit as soon as she realized that everyone was wearing a uniform.

I had been anticipating driving her to and from school every day myself, but we were all pleased to find out that she is eligible to ride the bus. And, also a pleasant surprise, she LOVES it. As soon as we picked her up at the bus stop on Monday afternoon, she kept saying that she just wished it could be tomorrow already so she could ride the bus again. That's a great attitude, I think.

Side story: Being that first-time kindergarten mom, and given the fact that Audrey didn't know she was riding the bus until after school had started that morning, I was, ahem, just a tad nervous about the whole bus thing. My nervousness increased perpetually when no less than 18 other buses passed the complex before hers actually came. That's a lot of school buses. But no worries, it all went well.

She hasn't told us a whole lot about her class--she likes to pick when to talk, and not just answer questions when we just happen to ask--but I have put together from her bits and pieces of stories that she has made a lot of friends (at least four girls and two boys, but she doesn't know any of their names) and her class has a money reward system. She earned two dollars for being the first to do "Hips Lips" (one hand on hip, one finger over lips to show you're ready). They have a store on Fridays where they can spend their money. And I learned that her pants are too big and they fall off when she was exercising in gym. She's like me--no hips.

Because of the uniforms, she didn't actually get to wear her first day of school outfit to school (I bought it before I knew she'd have uniforms), but we still took a picture once she changed after school.

It was a bit crazy to leave for school from one hotel and bring her back after school to a different hotel. It's also a bit crazy to drive for fifteen minutes from our hotel to the parking lot of our apartment complex to get her to the bus, which is then a forty minute ride to get to school. That'll be better once we actually move in on Thursday, but it's a funny side note to the beginning of kindergarten.

Yay for a good first two days!

End story: Remember how cute and comfortable everyone looked when they went to sleep on Sunday night? This is how we found them on Monday morning. Ha.


Liz, Karl, Madison, Brooklyn and Aubrey said...

I bet she was completely thrilled to start school. I am so glad it all worked out and she actually got to start school. :) Getting her to that point is a story I'm sure you will never forget. I love both of her first day of school outfits too. And the fact that her pants fell down in PE. haha. Oh goodness.

Tannie Datwyler said...

She looks so grown up!