Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Day Off

One of the less "required" parts of our trip was camping. It has become traditional (a whole two years' worth so far) to have the Craig & Janet Wampler Posterity Reunion Camping Trip the first weekend of August. Originally, we figured we wouldn't be going. The first thing that changed that plan was Heather choosing Ben's birthday to get married--my family was going to come to Albuquerque to visit us that week, but those plans were cancelled once we learned that we would be in Idaho. So, instead of coming to us, Mom agreed to babysit the kids the next week while we were in Georgia. And since we were then going to be in Salt Lake on the Thursday when the camping trip started and Salt Lake is so much closer to Island Park than Albuquerque is, we thought that just maybe we'd be able to make it.

And so we did.

I will say that probably, this was the highlight of my week. I'll give Heather and Brenda their weddings, I'll give Chris all his excitement in being at GA Tech, I'll give the kids all the fun they had with Grandma Karrie and Amy, but I'm taking camping. What made it so great for me? I didn't have to do anything. Seriously. Such a nice break after all the planning, cleaning, packing, and Georgia stresses.

Aside from sitting around camp together, the only entire group activity was a visit to Upper Mesa Falls, which was about twenty miles from our camp. It was an easy walk, and the view was worth the drive.

Ben didn't really think so, though. He had fallen asleep in the van on the way there and let me tell you, he is a bear when he's woken up before he's ready. Such a grump.

There came a point on Friday afternoon when I found myself alone at the campsite with four of the kids--my three and Charlotte. We kept ourselves nicely entertained. First the kids colored,

then they "built" a surprise to show Grandma Janet and Grandpa Craig when they each came back.

Charlotte just watched and laughed most of the time. She especially liked it when Megan talked to her.

The downside to this period of isolation was the fact that the menfolk had taken Craig and Janet's van to go fishing. I had the foresight enough to get Craig to pull out all the food for dinner before he left since I figured we'd want to eat before they actually got back, but we missed the tote that had all the cooking utensils. We had the camp stove and a pan, but no can opener. I improvised.

Good thing we had a pocket knife and a hammer handy.

Michael is the only one to have caught a fish during the trip, though not until after he caught a crawdad.

But from the pictures, it seems that they all had a good time.

Thanks to Chris and the pictures we took from Michael and Amanda's camera, we have lots and lots of shots of the wildlife around camp and on the various hikes.

Of course there are the people on the hikes, too.

Being that this was a Wampler camping outing, you can be sure there were plenty of games played.

And here are pictures of kids in car seats.

And here is a picture of a moose.

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Liz, Karl, Madison, Brooklyn and Aubrey said...

Thanks for making me want to go camping now... :) Looks like a fun trip. And now I'm trying to figure out how I can make it work for us to go camping too.