Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas with the Boxes

For our first official Family Home Evening in our new locale, we decorated our Christmas tree.

You may notice a few things, like the complete lack of lights. Or I guess first the lack of tree.

We couldn't find the lights anywhere. We moved the tree out of the way to get better access to more boxes to see if we could find them. Luckily Amy and my grandparents had given the kids some presents so they had something to be excited about while Chris and I went searching.

No such luck. So, we decorated the tree without any lights.

Don't you just love the boxes creating this quaint little Christmas tree alcove?

(Ahem. I don't think "quaint" is actually the word that was coming to my mind at the time... something more like "I WANT ALL THESE BOXES TO BE GONE NOW!!!)

But it's ok really. Most of those boxes are unpacked now, and it's only been four days since we decorated the tree. Really, we're decently close to being done, which is completely awesome. The only real problem we've run into so far is that we still haven't found the shelf holders for all the bookcases. It's killing me to not be able to unpack my books onto the shelves!

At least my boys are adorable.

My favorite tree moment was actually the next morning. I found Jane sitting like this for quite a long time after breakfast.

The next day, a certain little elf made an appearance at our house. Meet Jack.

Jane and Megan are impressively excited about this elf--way more excited than I anticipated. Which is awesome.

Ben doesn't get it at all, of course, but he did want to pose for his own picture.

Unpacking is coming along--soon enough I'll have pictures of a real tour of our apartment. Be excited.

Merry Christmas!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

That picture of Jane is so precious. I hope you get settled soon!!