Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 21

There are a handful of things that still need to be posted about our last week in Logan. Then, and only then, will we be officially moved.

I have already posted the pictures of our packing adventures. There was one adventure, however, that I missed. The box for the Playstation 3 was on top of the empty bookcases, at great risk of being completely cut off and inaccessible as we added more and more full boxes. In fact, we required Jane's assistance to get it down at all.

I have mentioned before my lack of cooking habits during the last five months. It was hard to find the motivation to cook any kind of meal, elaborate or not, when it was only Jane and I eating. We aren't picky, and I didn't have the energy to put in any serious effort. As we were packing the pantry, signs of my absence in the kitchen were painfully apparent.

It was an odd week for me. Chris was home on Monday, which he never ever was during the entire time we were apart, so the week started off differently to begin with. On Tuesday, I just about lost my mind. The girls went to day care all day, even though I was out of school, so that I could pack. Well, it's been a really really really long time since I spent an entire day alone. I didn't get anything done. Pretty much my brain couldn't handle the silence... So, Chris bribed me. He told me that if I got as much packing done as possible, meaning we had only suitcases to live out of for two days and everything else was packed in a box, then I could buy the movie Sherlock Holmes.

Now, you may be wondering to yourself, doesn't Laura buy movies all the time anyway? What kind of bribe is that? Well, I'll tell you. Yes, I do buy movies all the time, but only those that are on the cheap racks or previously viewed so they cost a third as much. I never buy new releases--they are too expensive! But, I really like Sherlock Holmes and I really want to have the movie but couldn't buy it because it cost too much. Chris told me that if I had the house all packed, I could buy the movie. I was game for that.

Unfortunately, Jane had other plans...

One of my worst vomit-related parenting experiences happened on Wednesday night of that last week in Logan. Jane woke up around 10:00 that night having thrown up all over herself and her bed. One of the more obvious times that I was single parenting--I had to get her cleaned up, which involved a full-on bath and a hunt for pajamas from somewhere since everything was packed, and situated on the couch AND THEN go clean up her bed. I missed the days when Chris was around and one of us could take Jane and the other could deal with the mess. But, alas, I was alone on this one.

If only it had ended there! Jane threw up again about an hour later. And an hour after that. And about every 45 minutes after that for the rest of the night. More than a dozen times within about 9 hours. It was miserable, for both of us! I felt so bad for her...she kept drinking water, thank goodness, so she managed to stay somewhat hydrated and had something to throw up when she did. Gross, I know, but I can also relate--it's much better if there is something in there to come out!

By the end of the night, we had no pajamas, no towels, and no blankets left clean in the house. We used that pot because all my bowls were packed. I had packed everything but a few random things in the kitchen. Everything else was in a box!

I didn't finish packing that night. I had planned to stay up late to finish the kitchen, then be done with packing and get my movie. Do you think it still counts if I only stopped because of a perpetual vomit situation? Did I still earn my movie?

We spent the day Thursday mostly just laying low and being sick. We were supposed to go to Tannie's house for dinner one last time before we moved, but I had to cancel. I was way way disappointed about this, and when Jane started acting much better, we decided instead on a playdate for Friday morning.

We went to the Cache Valley Fun Park--I wish I had taken Jane here sooner! She was a little freaked out on the first time, and I think she still wasn't feeling amazingly well. The adventure was not as exciting as we all hoped. Sad! I was starting to feel sick at that point, too, so I wasn't as up to it as I would usually have been. Sigh.

We all sucked it up, though, and went to our party on Friday night.

Thank you to everyone who came!

It was a little cold and windy and rainy, but I'm glad that some were still willing to bear the elements and even eat ice cream with us.

Jess and Wendy

Tannie and Brooke


The guys...Jeremy, Mark, David, Taege, Nate, and Chris

My family came up so my dad could buy a car and my mom could take Jane and Megan home with her so we didn't have to worry about them on moving day. Thanks, Mom!

Michael entertained himself during the party by:

climbing trees

and playing with the kids.

We really are sad to have left behind the life that we had in Logan. We made many close friends, had many good experiences, and will always look back on that time with happy memories. We miss you all! Give me a call if you're ever in Salt Lake and I will make you dinner--fresh potatoes, I promise!


Erin said...

This brings back so many memories. Isn't it so hard to leave? So hard, and yet exciting to be in a new part of your life. But really hard to leave behind your history there and your amazing friends. Sigh.

Rebecca said...

Oooh I'm so excited to have dinner with you guys in a couple weeks!! So question for ya...would we by chance be able to get together on a Saturday instead? For about the past month our little one has all the sudden decided that she will NOT take naps while at church...And an almost 5 month old with going 3+ hours w/o a nap = BAD NEWS! (at least for her...she needs lots of sleep). Sundays are kind of rough for her to say the least :) haha. E-mail me at rebeccalee87(at)hotmail(dot)com. Can't wait to see you guys!!

Tannie Datwyler said...

That potato picture is AWESOME Laura. And the one with the playstation, I like that too. One day (when your life isn't so crazy) I'd LOVE it if you could send me that picture of Claire and Jane.