Monday, June 28, 2010

No Bouncing, Swinging, or Spitting

for my own personal record...

Things we have done since we moved three weeks ago:

Annual Pyper Family Reunion,"Papa's Party," West Valley

It was way stinkin' cold for June,

I think I look pretty good in this picture, if I do say so myself.

but we braved the weather for the races,

Go, Janet, go!

the traditional sawdust treasure hunt,

and, of course, the after-lunch naps.

Oh, and ice cream. Somehow, Jane ended up with an entire ice cream sandwich all to herself. Don't know that that was the best plan ever...

Chalk Art Festival, Gateway Mall, Downtown Salt Lake

Our family, Lisa's family, my mom, my sisters, and my brother Michael all went downtown to view the splediforous work of the sidewalk chalk artists.

We obviously had to have our picture taken by the orange octopus.

The pictures were pretty amazing, especially considering that it would all disappear as soon as it rained.

If you're bored, google "3D sidewalk art"
Can you tell the difference?

Megan and Nicole had a little bonding time of their own.

At the end of the mall, they had a place where you could join in the fun.

Mom made her contribution:

Ask her any day of the year and she can tell you how many days 'til Christmas. Tonight, 180 days.

And the requisite stop in the Gateway fountain.

Dalton and Michael were hesitant at first.

Jane stayed on her toes the entire time.

Lisa was the first truly brave one.

Eventually, everyone joined in.

Everyone, that is, but me and the babies. Being the only dry one, I was delegated as keeper of the camera and holder of the still dry newborn. Megan stayed close by.


It was Jess's birthday, she had discount passes, we joined in the fun.

The only ride Chris was adamant about riding was the bumper cars.

The whole gang:

Megan, me, Chris, Candice, Jordan, Jess, Mark, Jeremy

We have continued our weekly playdates,

see? I told you Dalton was there.

and I went to a show at the Desert Star theater with Mom.

We saw The Sheik of Persia. Hilarious.

We attended the annual ward summer party. Theme: Luau.

A few parting words of wisdom:

"Imagination is everything--It is the preview of life's coming attractions."
~Albert Einstein

And because I'm still a sucker for pictures of sleeping babies.

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Liz, Karl and Madison said...

Wow what a lot of activities you have had going on. Looks like a lot of fun. Karl and I have season tickets to Desert Star and I love it. It's always fun to get away and just laugh. I'm glad you got to enjoy a show as well.