Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pyper 50th

We spent last Saturday in Sugarhouse celebrating the 50th anniversary of George and Valera Pyper, Chris's maternal grandparents, married November 6, 1959.

First, some of the family:



Aunt Julie and Janet (and the styrofoam cake with real frosting)

Heather, Mailee, and Spencer
And Chris--now you see him... you don't!


Chris's grandparents have some rather impressive skills. His grandma is an accomplished quilter. Several of the quilts she has made were on display at the reception.

The red, white and blue quilt in the center is the quilt she made for Chris and I when we got married. It was just chance that it was there to be displayed. We had it in the car because we bring all our bedding when we spend the night at someone else's house. We had slept at my parents' house the night before, so the quilt was readily available for display, conveniently.

This quilt was made for Chris's cousin who just got married in August. Can you find their names?

I don't think they need to worry about anyone else trying to claim it.


Chris's grandpa has some impressive artistic skill.

Take a closer look.

Yes, it is cross-stitched. Amazing, isn't it?


Jane enjoyed spending time with both of her grandpas. She also enjoyed twirling in her dress.


And just so I have them, here are a couple group shots. We took the family picture specially for the Pyper picture dvd, and I was quite happy with the results. Thanks again, Jess.

And here is the first official picture of all of my parents' grandkids as of October 6. Michael, of course, is not a grandchild.

Dalton James (10 months), Michael John (11),
Megan Leigh (1 month), Audrey Jane (22 months)


hakeber said...

Wow, those cross-stitch pictures are AMAZING! I can't wait for my 50th anniversary :D

Kate said...

In the pictures where Chris disappears, it looks like he is hiding under the quilt.

Britta said...

Why was the cake styrofoam?