Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tigers and Ladybugs and Doughnuts, Oh My

the costumes

Chris's brother Michael sent us the tiger costume over two years ago, when I was still pregnant with Jane. We finally got to use it.

The ladybug outfit was the first thing I bought for Megan while I was pregnant with her.

Apparently I have to be pregnant in order to obtain Halloween costumes.

the party

Jane has been home with me during my maternity leave, but we were still invited to the day care Halloween party. Thanks, Laura Lee!

Object of the game: Eat the doughnut off the string without using your hands.

Jane's version: Do whatever is necessary to eat it.

Object of the game: Walk around the chairs while the music is playing, sit down when the music stops.

Jane's version: Sit in a chair and sing.

Object of the game: Find the bag of candy left by the Great Pumpkin.

Jane's version: Find the bag of candy.

the trunk or treat

Our own ward did not have any Halloween festivities this year, but we were invited to a neighborhood trunk or treat put on by two family wards.

Chris walked around with Jane while I stayed with the car handing out candy. Of course, we grossly underestimated how much candy we needed to bring and ran out after about fifteen minutes. But that was ok. Then I got to walk around, too.

Jane was hit and miss with saying "trick or treat" but she was pretty good about saying thank you to everyone, even if they couldn't really hear her.

Mostly she was concerned with getting the candy into her bag. And making sure the bag made it home.


Rebecca said...

Jane is so funny!! I love the Halloween costumes! I want to dress up our little girl as a lady bug for Halloween next year.

Megan said...

I think Jane has the right idea with all those games. Why do things the hard way? haha cute pics!

Jared and Delia said...

Jane's version is my kind of version. What a spunky, cute girl.

JeriLynn said...

Personally, I find the neighborhood trunk or treat . . . unacceptable. :| Still, your girls are cute, and I loved how Jane sang during musical chairs.

Loved the glasses and the cast story. Wow! You were a sharp kid to memorize the letters like that. I always had my head in the clouds. And poor Jane! That's so sad to have a broken leg. :( I'm glad that's over and done with. I don't remember hearing about it.