Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lessons from Jane

1. Don't multitask.

I was feeding her cereal for breakfast, while simultaneously reading blogs. I was particularly distracted by a video clip on Tannie's blog (sad story!) and wasn't paying any attention to Jane. When I finally did look over, she was reading Chris's Norwegian Liahona, which moments ago had been sitting on the opposite end of the table. How did she get it, you ask? She pulled on the tablecloth. She even pulled it just far enough to get the magazine, but not far enough for the tablecloth to fall on the floor. But...if I had been watching better and not multitasking, she wouldn't have folded up the nice magazine in less than exciting ways.

2. Clean out the high chair.

Also while feeding Jane cereal, while I was still reading blogs, she managed to find some extra breakfast treats. I turned around from the computer to give her another bite of cereal and when she opened her mouth, several Cheerios fell out. I didn't give her Cheerios. She didn't even have the tray on the high chair. That's right! She found them down underneath her bum. Way to go, Mom, for picking up the leftovers last time we had breakfast...

3. Don't multitask.

Ironically enough, while I was writing this very post, Jane came over without me paying much attention again and hit the power button on my computer. If you didn't know, this has the effect of the computer itself exiting out of all the open programs and then shutting down. Annoying when you're right in the middle of writing a post. But, can I really blame her? Who can resist blue shining buttons?

4. Don't leave large glasses of water sitting on the living room floor.

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Liz, Karl and Madison said...

haha those all sound like silly things that most people would think are obvious things not to do but... I am guilty of letting similar things happen all too often.