Friday, January 2, 2009

Wii-ing in 2009

Our friends John and Valerie came over to celebrate New Year's Eve with us... While Chris and John played Lego Star Wars on the Wii, Valerie and I played Phase 10 dice while simultaneously keeping Jane from swallowing the other dice we had given her to distract her from our game. I only have a few pictures from New Year's anything, and most of those are Jane:

Following our newly-created holiday tradition, Jane and I are each wearing shirts from holidays other than New Year's. I am wearing my St. Patrick's Day (and my birthday :) ) shirt and Jane is wearing her Christmas outfit that we forgot to take to Aberdeen. By the way, she is very upset because she doesn't like the headband. That's part of the reason why I never try ponytails or anything in her hair. She very quickly rips out anything we put in her hair.

Here she is playing with the headband later. She very much enjoys pulling down around her neck and taking it off again.

After Jane went to bed, us four adults played Monkey Balls on the Wii. There are a lot of arcade-type games. We were so involved in the video game that we didn't even notice when midnight came and went. We did catch on only a few minutes after, but apparently the excitement of 2009 wasn't enough to tear us away from the Wii. I wonder what the new year will be filled with if this was our beginning...

Anyway, I have a ton of pictures from Aberdeen and Salt Lake from Christmas. Mostly Aberdeen. Enjoy. Or not, I guess it's really up to you. I'll put the captions before the picture so you know what's coming.

Hanging out in Salt Lake

Hanging out in Aberdeen

Christmas Morning

I thought that last one was particularly cool. I actually managed to catch the flash from another camera right when I took the picture. How often does that happen?

Here's a picture of a very studly Michael out in the snow while building the Snow Claus. Nice shot, huh?

And now to end, I want to show off my movie collection. I did receive about ten new dvds for Christmas, as well as the last four seasons of Stargate to complete our collection (did I already say that?). Knowing this was all coming, we bought (and wrapped and put under the tree) another set of shelves. When we brought everything home, we added the new dvds and rearranged some of the VHS tapes we had stored in the entertainment center. I think the end result looks pretty cool.


The Sharps said...

Nice! We have sooooo many DVDS. Really, why not? Going to the movies requires a babysitter and about 20 bucks. Plus if you happened to be preg (before needing a baby sitter that is) you have to get up to pee 3-5 times during the movie. So having a million DVDS makes it easy to hole up in your house and never ever leave. ha ha ha

Rebecca said...

I didn't realize when new year's came either...but it was because I fell asleep during a movie. I know, I'm lame! Jake had to wake me up and tell me it was midnight.

Britta said...

I think you said most of that verbatum to me in an email- thats why it sounded so familiar to you...