Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Abounding in Stickers

With school out for the summer, I knew we were going to need some extra structure and intentional routines to keep our sanity for the next three months with all three kids home all day and Mom getting only more pregnant. This was actually one of the biggest focuses of my retreat work at the Ritz.

One of my primary goals for this summer is establishing family scripture study. It's something we've tried many different times but have never found a system that really holds out for any length of time. The difference this time, and what made it actually work, is not doing it when Chris is home. Seems a little counterproductive to have family scripture study with Dad missing, but it was the only way to really get it to pan out. To make up for Dad being gone, he reads the same chapter on the train and then we all talk about it when he gets home for dinner. It's working really well.

We also have a chart to record our progress, and intermittent rewards along the way for how much we've read. Our first reward is a Mountain Hike ("mountain" is a relative term in Georgia...) when we finish reading 1st Nephi. I'll post about it when we get there!

The other big addition for the summer is our sticker charts. Each kid has their own chart that lasts Monday-Friday for two weeks. At the end of two weeks, if they have enough stickers, they get a special reward that we pick new each time.

Their jobs include making their bed, 2 pages in a summer workbook, reading, and laundry once a week. The girls also practice piano. So far, it's going amazingly well. We keep their work stuff in these cute baskets on the counter.

Then we all hang out at the table to work together.

There are even days when I come out of my bedroom first thing in the morning to find them already working hard on their workbooks. Awesome.

Audrey is expected to actually read, Megan and Ben can be read to or  just look at books by themselves. I love seeing them all read together.

But honestly, my favorite part of all this newness is the laundry. All of my kids, ages 6, 4, and TWO all do their own laundry. Put it in the washer, move it to the dryer, and put it all away when it's done. Motherly heaven right there.

I'm feeling much better about how our summer will run. So far, so good.

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